Released a Website
Contributed to open source

New bahá’í song project website

The bahá’í song project website provides videos, lyrics and chords for Bahá’í-inspired songs.

I have maintained bahá’í song project since 2011 growing the YouTube channel to 3000+ subscribers, and the website to 1300+ monthly visitors and 8000+ monthly page views.

The last big change was the development of a new website. The website was originally based on WordPress, which came with a few challenges: continuous development was difficult, maintaining 100+ songs in WordPress posts became infeasible since data was often duplicated and there was not one single source of truth. I migrated the existing data to a relational database and designed and implemented a GraphQL API with Prisma. Song sheets are maintained in text files that serve as the source files for PDFs generated with ChordPro. The GraphQL API together with GatsbyJS, Tailwind CSS and Netlify enabled me to quickly develop and deploy a new, high-performing website that is easy to maintain.

bahá’í song project is open source and the repositories are available on GitHub.